Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Domino day.

I took a few of the topical articles I've written on another blog to kick off this blog, but because I'm impatient, the pictures either won't transfer or weren't saved. You might be better off, they were blurry webcam pics. Use the captions to imagine a big stratified pile of desk junk on all surfaces. originally posted 12/3/11. Enjoy.


Craft and journaling central. I'm leaving the picture dark,

 as the room is. Lamps are part of the fix

Its messy in here. We have a domino day going on. Domino day is when I tackle one emergent task only to find that to do it well I have to fix something else. To do that well, another thing needs attention. You get it.

To make cookies, I have to clean up this counter. To clean up the counter, I have to put away the food dryer and the dry herbs inside it should be stored in jars on my shelf of healing and cooking herbal supplies. I should put up that shelf. Right now ritual supplies are on a coffee table which once was an altar to creativity has never seen a cup of coffee. Altars honor. This one honors untidyness (that wasn't the original intent).

The shelf belongs in my office at home, which is also my painting and writing studio, craft room and home to my handmade 18th C reenacting clothing. That was a mistake, so I have been transitioning the clothing to another home, which has left them in three places at present. Also a mistake.

All of this makes me want to take a walk in the woods...

Bucket of colored pencils seemed smart, but it doesn't

work. big bins for desk supplies also not working.

So to bake cookies for the upcoming holiday party which will be enjoyed by my sister soon to arrive from TX, I will need to put up a shelf, clean up the kitchen, put things from the kitchen into my office and before any of that can happen I need to clean my office and unbury my desk. I should make decisions about what goes where- but I think I will put that off until everything is at least in the right zone of the house.

All of this makes me want to take a walk in the woods most urgently, which reminds me: I have greens in the dining room and on the porch waiting to be made into two Yule wreaths. The wreath assembly will set off another domino circle involving the dining room, living room and possibly my bedroom.

The fact that 60% or more of the people in America are having a similar day is not much comfort.